Midwest Professional Canine Services

Midwest Professional Canine Services
Level I - Personal Protection Dog
Dog is trained with on lead with basic obedience, to react on command to an intruder, to be quiet on command, to bite on command and to release on command. This level of Personal Protection Dog is for the family who desires the family companion who will react if need.

$ 3,500 and up  training only 
$ 12,000 includes Quality German Shepherd
We offer different levels of Personal Protection Dog training. You have the option of purchasing an already trained dog or training your own dog. (client owned dogs must be tested and approved prior to training.)

Our dogs are trained to react to real life situations. Your family can feel secure in knowing that these dogs are here to protect them from intruders at home and criminals while out. Our Personal Protection Dogs are friendly and part of the family, until commanded to react.  

Level II - Elite Personal Protection Dog
 Includes Level I training and advanced obedience (hand signals and off lead commands), intense apprehension training to include full bite suite training and ground fighting. This level is for the family who needs more than just basic protection.

$ 15,000  includes Quality German Shepherd
Includes Level I & II training and quality European Imported German Shepherd tilted in Schutzhund that will conduct search of home, work off lead, provide security in vehicles and respond to passive subjects if needed. This is the elite in personal protection!

$ 20,000 and up  includes Quality German Shepherd titled in Schutzhund.
Executive Level - Personal Protection Dog
All personal protection dogs include:  Pre training, one on one private training with the client at time of picking up K9 and 6 follow up training classes and DVD of training.
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