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 Midwest Professional Canine Services ® 5 Hodge Street, Tilton, IL 61833
We are a full service professional Training Service specializing in Police Working Dogs (Narcotic/Explosive/Dual and Single Purpose), Personal Protection, Service Dogs and Obedience Training.
Welcome to Midwest Professional Canine Services where we train some of the best working dogs in the world.  All of our dogs are hand selected from  top breeders and dog vendors in the world.  We specialize in training Police Working Dogs for Police Departments who desire only the best training possible.  

Our trainers are current or former police working dog handlers with years of experience.  

We set our standards HIGH and expect our dogs and handlers to do the same.  We understand the importance of Police Working Dogs in today's society and we are dedicated 100% to make sure our clients receive the very best training possible.

Our services also consist of Service Dog Training, Personal Protection, Schutzhund, Obedience training and Behavior Assessments.  

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