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Board & Train Obedience Programs

All Board & Train Obedience Programs include:

Meet & Greet with professional trainer, weekly video updates by email or text, private exit training class, finish video and one follow up session.  Boarding is in a Standard Level Suite. (You may upgrade to Deluxe or Luxury Level for an additional fee, depending upon availability).

What is a Board & Train Obedience Program?

What is a Board & Train Obedience Program?


A Board and Train program is a comprehensive dog training service that involves clients temporarily entrusting their canine companions to a professional trainer for a predetermined duration. During this period, the dog resides at our boarding facility, receiving not only accommodation but also intensive, professional training aimed at addressing specific training or behavioral goals.

Key Elements of a Board and Train Program:

  1. Duration:

    • The client selects a specific program that has a set time for the dog's stay, which can range from 3 to 6 weeks, depending on the training objectives and the dog's needs.

  2. Professional Training:

    • The dog is under the constant supervision and guidance of an experienced and qualified trainer who specializes in behavior modification and obedience training. These trainers have expertise in assessing and addressing various behavioral issues.

  3. Behavioral Goals:

    • Before the program begins, the client and the trainer collaborate to define clear and achievable behavioral goals for the dog with a "Meet & Greet" appointment. These goals can include addressing issues such as obedience, leash manners, aggression, anxiety, or any specific concerns the owner may have.

  4. Intensive Training Sessions:

    • The dog participates in structured training sessions throughout each day, tailored to the established goals. These sessions cover a range of commands, behaviors, and socialization skills, ensuring a well-rounded training experience.

  5. Boarding Accommodations:

    • In addition to training, the dog is provided with boarding facilities, ensuring a comfortable and secure environment during their stay. This includes appropriate sleeping arrangements, play areas, and amenities to cater to the dog's physical and emotional well-being.  Upgraded suite levels may be available for an additional fee.

  6. Regular Updates:

    • Owners will receive regular updates on their dog's progress. This can include written or verbal reports, photos, and even videos to keep the client informed about the training journey.

  7. Transition and Follow-Up:

    • At the conclusion of the program, there is  a transition session where the trainer works with the owner to transfer the newly acquired skills and knowledge. Our  programs also include follow-up support to address any questions or challenges that may arise as the dog returns home.

A Board and Train program is an effective option for busy pet owners who may not have the time or expertise to address specific behavioral issues in their dogs. It provides a concentrated, focused approach to training, resulting in a well-behaved and more obedient canine companion.


PLEASE READ:  To schedule one of our Board & Train Obedience Programs please register with us on line by going to our on line portal.  "After" you have registered call us so we can schedule your training. 


All dogs must be a minimum of 5 months in age and be current on Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella.  We must have these records at least 5 days before check in. A non refundable deposit of $100 is required at the time of registration.

4 Week Program

4 Week Board & Train Obedience Program


For pet owners seeking an elevated training experience, our comprehensive program offers proficiency in 11 key behaviors. Our curriculum incorporates real-world distractions, including field trips and multimedia resources such as videos and text updates. The training regimen also encompasses off-leash techniques, with the inclusion of an E collar.

Key Program Highlights:

  1. Off-Site Field Trip Training:

    • Experience real-world distractions at parks, stores, and downtown locations.

  2. Behavioral Commands:

    • Loose Leash Heeling

    • Sit

    • Sit/Stay

    • Down

    • Down/Stay

    • Automatic Sit

    • Recall

    • Command to Place

    • Leave It Command

    • Door Manners

  3. Off-Leash Obedience Introduction:

    • Gain mastery over off-leash control.

  4. E Technologies Remote Training Collar:

    • Receive a state-of-the-art remote training collar as part of the program.

  5. Post-Training Pampering:

    • Enjoy a go-home bath and blow dry (some breeds may require an additional fee).

This program is tailored for pet owners aspiring to command both on and off-leash obedience from their pets, fostering well-mannered behavior in public settings.

Investment: $2,495

Enroll today for a harmonious relationship with your pet, marked by control, obedience, and public decorum."

3 Week Program

3 Week Board & Train Obedience Program


This specialized program has been meticulously crafted to empower pet owners with enhanced control over their beloved companions. Our comprehensive training curriculum covers essential obedience commands, both indoors and outdoors, ensuring a well-rounded and obedient pet.

Key Training Components:

  1. Loose Leash Heeling:

    • Cultivate refined leash manners for enjoyable walks.

  2. Sit:

    • Establish a reliable and prompt sitting command.

  3. Down:

    • Instill the command for a controlled and calm resting position.

  4. Door Manners:

    • Foster polite behavior during door interactions.

  5. Command to Place:

    • Develop the ability to command your pet to a designated place.

  6. Recall:

    • Achieve a responsive recall command for increased safety.

  7. Post-Training Pampering:

    • Indulge your pet with a go-home bath and blow-dry (additional fee for certain breeds).

Training sessions are thoughtfully conducted both indoors and outdoors on our premises, providing a holistic learning environment.

Investment: $2,095

Behavioral Modification &

4 Week Behavioral Modification Program

Embark on a transformative journey with our 4-week Behavioral Modification Program, meticulously tailored for pets requiring both obedience refinement and behavioral assistance. Our expert trainers employ a strategic approach to address specific behavioral challenges such as guarding issues and food aggression. For those with a bite history, we recommend exploring our dedicated Aggression Modification Program. This comprehensive program includes:

  1. Obedience and Behavioral Training:

    • Customized sessions to achieve obedience goals while addressing behavioral concerns.

  2. Exit Training Class:

    • An informative session to equip you with the tools to maintain progress at home.

  3. Communication Updates:

    • Regular video and email updates to keep you informed of your pet's progress.

  4. Follow-Up Training Session:

    • Post-program support to reinforce learning and address any lingering concerns.

  5. Electronic Remote Collar:

    • Provided as needed, to enhance training effectiveness.

Investment: $2,695

4-6 Week Aggression Modification Program

For dogs with a history of aggression, our specialized 4-6 Week Aggression Modification Program offers a comprehensive solution to address challenging behaviors. Our skilled trainers collaborate with you to achieve obedience goals while mitigating aggression issues. The program encompasses:

  1. Obedience and Aggression Training:

    • Tailored sessions to address aggression concerns alongside obedience goals.

  2. Exit Training Class:

    • Essential guidance for a smooth transition post-program.

  3. Communication Updates:

    • Regular video and email updates to track your pet's progress.

  4. Follow-Up Training Session:

    • Continued support to reinforce positive behavior.

  5. Remote Training Collar:

    • Included as needed for effective modification.

Investment: Starting at $2,895

Choose the program that aligns with your pet's needs, and let us guide you toward a harmonious relationship built on obedience and positive behavior.

Board & Train 
Refresher Course

One-Week Obedience Refresher Course

For dogs in need of a precision tune-up after completing any of our Board & Train Obedience Programs, our One-Week Refresher Course offers a tailored solution. This specialized program ensures a comprehensive review of learned behaviors, refining and reinforcing obedience skills under the guidance of our experienced trainers.

Program Details:

  • Check-In:

    • Sundays, 3-4 pm or Mondays 8-10 am, ensuring a smooth transition for your pet into our Standard Level Suites.

  • Training Sessions:

    • Daily sessions with our trainer throughout the week, focusing on fine-tuning obedience.

  • Communication Updates:

    • Regular text message updates to keep you informed of your pet's progress.

  • Private Training Class:

    • Culminates on Friday with a one-hour private training class, providing an opportunity for hands-on owner involvement.

Investment: $595

Choose excellence in obedience training for your pet's ongoing success. Enroll in our One-Week Refresher Course to maintain and elevate the learned behaviors from previous programs.

Note: All training prices are subject to change without notice.

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