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About Our MidproK9

Midwest Professional Canine Services is located in Tilton Illinois, which is approx. 30 minutes east of Champaign Illinois, on the Illinois Indiana state line.  MIDPROK9 has been training dogs for over 20 years and takes pride in training some of the best police dogs in the WORLD. 
We have police dogs as far away as California.  


MIDPROK9 has experienced K9 Handler/Trainers on staff.  We believe to be able to train a police K9 handler properly, you must have the knowledge and experience of working a police K9 on the streets.  Our K9 Training Handler course gives your handler that knowledge.

MIDPROK9 specializes in Obedience Programs, Agility, Civilian Nose Work, Police Dual and Single Purpose Patrol Dogs, Personal Protection Dogs, and Obedience Training of Dogs.

Our Team

Tony Piatt


Police K9 Instructor

Personal Protection Instructor


Training Director

Obedience Instructor
Behavioral Specialist

Police K9 Instructor

IMG-5319 (1).jpg

Assistant Trainer


Explosive Detection Instructor

Our Team
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